I send you…thoughts of anticipation toward rest, fun and the river.


I send you…wild imaginings and piles of gratitued for the many ways you bring out what is ‘dear’ in me.


I send you…a boat load of bananas for your icecream and whipped cream.


I send you…amazing popping up pockets filled with focus and clarity, laughter and love, the wonder and joy of sunrise on a crisp fall morning.


I send you…3 yellow roses…one for each child.


I wish for you…the thought of knowing there is nothing to do…all day.


I send…you bouquets of energy to make it through the long day.


I send you…grace to exude from the light that you are, eloquence that is filled with solutions others long to be a part of, peace to radiate from who you naturally are, and energy to fill your confidence and sensitivity.


I wish for you…the warmth of the air as you awake.


I send you…energy bubbling up and lifting you up and along through the day.


I send you…the soft scent of lilac as you pass by…just enough to recognize yourself…knowing we met in passing.


You are…an amazing wealth of supporting love, giggly joy, and wise companionship.


I send you…an elastic time peace – it streches your hours so that you are able to accomplish more in your hours than you thought you could, and a beverage filled with just the right re-freshment.


I send you…a bouquet of strawberries, ripe for the juicing.


Your heart…is of wonder and joy—I am in awe.